Packaging Options

Bulk unless otherwise designated

  • Windowed gift box included for MR Collections, AXIOM, and FriXion Ball LX
  • Standard gift box included for Dr. Grip
  • Felt Sleeve included for Dr. Grip 4+1

Additional Packaging Options:

  • 3-Pen Vinyl Pouch: $1.00(G) per pouch
  • Felt Sleeve: $0.30(G) each pen
  • Cello Wrap: $0.05(G) each pen

Bagging Options:

  • 5-pen bag: $0.20(G) each pen
  • 10-pen bag: $0.15(G) each pen
  • 25-pen bag: $0.10(G) each pen
  • 50-pen bag: $0.05(G) each pen


ASI: 78110 | DC: 100360  |  PPAI: 112712 | SAGE: 53144 | UPIC: PILOT1 


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