Upcoming Shows & Events

Jan   2020 Events    
27 NERA LI     MVPromos
27   Minneapolis, MN   Focus Marketing
28   Fargo, ND   Focus Marketing
28 NERA/PAPPA     MV Promos
29   Sioux Falls, SD   Focus Marketing
29 NERA/CPPA     MV Promos
30 NERA/SAAGNY     MV Promos
Feb   2020 Events    
3-4 GAPPP Expo/End-User Atlanta, GA   Pearson Marketing
4   Green Bay, WI   Focus Marketing
5   Milwaukee, WI   Focus Marketing
5 Rep Showcase Sacramento, CA   Daniel Sachs WCBS
5-6 PPAMS Promoshow Nashville, TN   Pearson Marketing
6   Wheeling, IL   Focus Marketing
6 Rep Showcase Emeryville, CA   Daniel Sachs WCBS
7 Rep Showcase Pleasanton, CA   Daniel Sachs WCBS
7   Glen Ellyn, IL   Focus Marketing
8 Rep Showcase San Jose, CA   Daniel Sachs WCBS
11 SPPA/Sunbelt Assoc. Show of the South Birmingham, AL   Pearson Marketing
24 Rep Showcase Tucson, AZ   Melissa WCBS
25 Rep Showcase Phoenix, AZ   Melissa WCBS
Mar   2020 Events    
3 TRASA - PGH     MV Promos
3 Lunch & Learn San Francisco, CA   Daniel / Melissa WCBS
4 Lunch & Learn San Carlos, CA   Daniel / Melissa WCBS
5 Lunch & Learn San Jose, CA   Daniel / Melissa WCBS
10 Rep Showcase Seattle, WA   Melissa WCBS
12 PPAC Chicago Chicago, IL   Focus Marketing
12 Rep Showcase Portland, OR   Melissa WCBS
26 PMANC     Daniel / Melissa WCBS
31 Rep Showcase Fresno, CA   Daniel Sachs WCBS

Look forward to seeing you in 2020!

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