Artwork Requirements

Vector artwork, all fonts converted to outlines, no embedded bitmaps (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF).

Acceptable file formats

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • AI

Unacceptable file formats


Bitmap/raster formats such as JPG and others will incur artwork charges to convert and/or recreate the artwork in illustrator.

Minimum $30.00 artwork charge per hour.

Two-Color imprinting

Precise registration of two-color imprints may not be possible on all artworks. For designs with tightly overlapping colors, we may recommend one-color or UV/4 Color imprinting.

PMS Color Match-standard

PMS colors plus gold and silver are available at no extra charge. Pilot will use customer-specified PMS colors for imprinting. Upon request, we can select closet match to product accent colors (barrels, grips, etc.). Some color variations may occur between printed product lots. PMS Color Chart is located under Resources.

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