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Pilot Corporation of America was established in the United States in 1972 and is recognized as a premier manufacturer of quality writing instruments. Our parent company, Pilot Corporation, is the oldest and largest writing instrument manufacturer in Asia. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, where it was founded in 1918. Pilot’s ongoing growth has been driven by the consistent development of highly innovative products that deliver unsurpassed quality and an exceptional writing experience.

Pilot’s diverse line of pens has been created in a culture that has revered the art of writing for over a thousand years. Namiki, our luxury line of pens, are handmade works of art that are recognized globally for their beauty, craftsmanship and excellent writing capabilities. This heritage of art, design and quality can be seen throughout Pilot’s entire range of product offerings, in our everyday pens — G2, FriXion, Precise, Acroball and Dr. Grip, in our artful writing tools including Ens? Brush Pens and Parallel Pens and also Axiom and Explorer.

Our Pilot Penefesto


At Pilot we are penthusiasts, we are passionate about our products.

Our Penefesto brings to life how our writing instruments are designed to delight. Whether you are an overachiever, a penthusiast or a comfort-seeker, we have the pens to help you make your mark.

We also offer a wide range of other types of writing instruments – from mechanical pencils and ball point pens, to pens designed for artful writing, or fountain pens with 18-karat gold nibs. All of our pens were created to delight consumers and meet their unmet writing needs.

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